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2CCS800900R0011 – ABB

General Information
Extended Product Type:S800-AUX
Product ID:2CCS800900R0011
Catalog Description:S800-AUX Auxiliary Contact
Long Description:S800-AUX Auxiliary Contact – S800 accessory
Standards:IEC 60947-5-1_UL489
Suitable For:S800S, S800N, S800C, S800B, S800HV, S800U, S800PV-SP, S800PV-SD, S800PV-M-H
Rated Operational Current AC-15 (Ie):(230 V) 0 A
Number of Contacts CO:2
Number of Switches:0
Mounting Type:Side mounting
RoHS Status:Following EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Environmental Information:2CCY413207D0203
Product Net Width:9 mm
Product Net Height:95 mm
Product Net Depth / Length:9 mm
Product Net Weight:50 g
Product Net Length:9 mm
Container Information
Package Level 1 Units:box 1 piece
Package Level 1 Width:105 mm
Package Level 1 Height:99 mm
Package Level 1 Depth / Length:20 mm
Package Level 1 Gross Weight:70 g
Package Level 1 EAN:7612271206802
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Customs Tariff Number:85389040
E-Number (Finland):3212410
E-Number (Sweden):2100070
Country of Origin:Bulgaria (BG)
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
Declaration of Conformity – CE:2CCC413003D0201
Environmental Information:2CCY413207D0203
Instructions and Manuals:9AKK106930A3418
RoHS Information:2CCC413003D0201
Popular Downloads
Data Sheet, Technical Information:2CCC413003C0208
Instructions and Manuals:9AKK106930A3418
Dimension Diagram:2CCC413003C0201
ETIM 7:EC000041 – Auxiliary contact block
ETIM 8:EC000041 – Auxiliary contact block
EPLAN Catalog Tree:Electrical engineering / Protection devices / General
WEEE Category:5. Small Equipment (No External Dimension More Than 50 cm)
WEEE B2C / B2B:Business To Business
eClass:V11.0 : 27371302
Object Classification Code:F


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