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2CSB202001R1250 - ABB

General Information
Extended Product Type DDA202 AC-25/0,03
Product ID 2CSB202001R1250
EAN 8012542791102
Catalog Description DDA202 AC-25/0,03 – RCD Block
Long Description
The RCD block DDA200 series is suitable for assembly with MCBs S200 series. It
assures protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents,
protection, against indirects contacts and additional protection against direct (with
sensitivity = 30 mA) contacts. Applications: residential, commercial, industrial.
Standards IEC/EN 61009 Ann. G
Operating Characteristic Instantaneous
Type of Residual Current AC type
Rated Residual Current 30 mA
Rated Current (In) 25 A
Number of Poles 2
Power Loss 2 W
Rated Voltage (Ur) 230/400 V
Ambient Air Operation -25…55 °C
Technical UL/CSA
Short-Circuit Current 0.03 … 0.03 A
Rating (SCCR)
Product Net Width 0.070 m
Product Net Height 0.093 m
Product Net Depth / 0.069 m
Product Net Weight 0.210 kg

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