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2TLA020051R5100 – ABB

General Information
Extended Product Type: Adam DYN-Info M12-5
Product ID: 2TLA020051R5100
EAN: 7350024480306
Catalog Description: Adam DYN-Info M12-5 connnector
Long Description: Adam safety sensor unit with DYNlink signal and information output. M12-5
male connector, IP69K, yellow. 4pcs of DA 1B distance plates and 4pcs of
DA 2B distance rings are included.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Customs Tariff Number: 85439000
Popular Downloads
Data Sheet, Technical
Instructions and Manuals: 2TLC172271M0201
Product Net Depth / Length: 0.030 m
Product Net Height: 75.2 mm
Product Net Width: 0.012 m
Product Net Weight: 0.026 kg
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
Declaration of Conformity – CE: 2TLC172133D0201
Instructions and Manuals: 2TLC172271M0201
TÜV Certificate: 2TLC172134D0201
UL Certificate: 2TLC172139D0201
Object Classification Code: B
ETIM 4: EC000030 – End switch
ETIM 5: EC000030 – End switch
ETIM 6: EC002544 – Magnetic proximity switch
ETIM 7: EC002544 – Magnetic proximity switch


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