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AX5206-0000-0200 – BECKHOFF

Digital Compact Servo Drives 2-channel
The AX5000 two-channel servo drives offer optimal function, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The components required for operation, such as power supply unit, EMC filter and DC link capacitors, are already integrated. The control loop, which has a cascaded structure, supports fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. EtherCAT as a high-performance system communication enables ideal interfacing with PC-based control technology.
The AX5000 drives in the two-channel version are available with different current intensities from 2 x 1.5 A to 2 x 6 A. These are two separate channels, whose rated current can be adapted to the respective connected motor. With the help of the flexible adjustment option, a larger motor can also be connected to a two-channel device when the second channel is driving a smaller motor. The allowable sum current of the device must be taken into account when adjusting.
The AX-Bridge quick connection system enables simple and fast connection of several AX5000 devices to form a multi-axis system. The plug-in supply and connection modules connect power supply, DC link and 24 V DC control voltage. Different types and sizes of motor such as synchronous, linear, torque, asynchronous and voice coil motors can be connected to the AX5000 without additional measures. The multi-feedback interface supports all common standards. The model of sensorless operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors can also be parameterized.
The optional AX58xx enables the typical drive-integrated safety functions and the fulfillment of the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (Cat. 4, PL e), EN 61508:2010 (SIL 3) and EN 62061:2005 + A1:2013/A2:2015 (SIL CL3)
The AX5000 has been specifically developed for EtherCAT, as the latter’s advantages are optimally exploited in the drive technology. This includes in particular the short cycle time – even in networks with many devices – as well as the synchronicity and simultaneity.
The TwinCAT 3 Drive Manager 2 serves as commissioning tool. Thanks to the structured design and the wide range of functions, commissioning of the axis is simple and intuitive.
Technical data AX5206
Function servo drive
Channels 2
Rated supply voltage 3 x 100…480 V AC ±10 %
DC link voltage max. 875 V DC
Rated output current (channel) 6 A
Peak output current (channel) 13 A
Feedback SinCos 1 Vpp , resolver , EnDat 2.1 , Hiperface , BiSS B , OCT
System bus EtherCAT
Drive profile SERCOS™ profile for servo drives according to IEC 61800-7-204 (SoE)
Ambient temperature (operation) 0…+50 °C (see documentation)
Approvals/markings CE, cULus, EAC
Protection rating IP20
Height without connectors 274 mm
Depth without connectors 232 mm
Width 92 mm

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