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82000000011500 – CONTROL TECHNIQUES

SM-Resolver Control Techniques for use with Unidrive
Manufacturer code : 82000000011500
Builder : Control Techniques
Country of origin: GB
Product details
The Unidrive SP model offers application and system designers an incredibly flexible platform that can be easily modified using a wide range of sophisticated click-in SM modules for space-saving and cost-effective solutions. SM modules easily install into any of the three optional slots on the Unidrive SP without requiring tools. I / O, Feedback, Motion Control, Communication and Application modules enhance the functionality of Unidrive SP, providing an optimized solution to meet the specific needs of the application.
The Resolver Control Techniques module was designed for more reliable feedback in the harshest environments.
SM-Resolver allows the unit to measure the speed and position of motors and machines equipped with resolver. By virtue of their robustness, resolvers are often used in hot and harsh environments. The option module also offers a simulated incremental encoder output.
Attribute Value
Accessories type SM-Resolver
For use with Unidrive
Series SM


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