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193992 – FESTO

Round cylinder
DSNU-32- –
Technical data
1 mm … 500 mm
Piston diameter
32 mm
Elastic cushioning rings / plates at both ends Self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning of the end position Pneumatic cushioning, adjustable at both ends
Mounting position
Piston Rod Cylinder tube
Position detection
Via limit switch sensor
Extended rod thread Piston rod with female thread Custom thread on rod Piston rod with male thread shortened at one end Extended rod Rod locking unit Axial feed port Direct mounting Side feed port Metal dust scraper With anti-rotation protection High corrosion protection Dust protection Slow, uniform movement Low friction Through rod High temperature resistant seals, max. 120 ° C Stem on one end
Protection against torque / driving
Square stem
Operating pressure
0.1 MPa … 1 MPa
Work pressure
1 bar … 10 bar
CE mark (see declaration of conformity)
Compliant with EU Explosion Protection Directive (ATEX)
CE mark (see declaration of conformity)
according to EX UK instructions
Explosion protection, certification outside the EU
Explosion protection
Zone 1 (ATEX) Zone 2 (ATEX) Zone 21 (ATEX) Zone 22 (ATEX)
ATEX gas category
ATEX dust category
Type of explosion protection for gas
Ex h IIC T4 Gb
Type of explosion protection for dust
Ex h IIIC T120 ° C Db
Ambient explosion temperature
-20 ° C <= Ta <= + 60 ° C Working fluid Compressed air according to ISO 8573-1: 2010 [7: 4: 4] Note on operating and control fluid Possibility of lubricated operation (in this case a lubricated operation will always be required) Corrosion resistance class CRC 2 - Moderate corrosion stress 3 - High corrosion stress Room temperature -20 ° C ... 120 ° C Shock absorber length 14 mm Theoretical force at 6 bar, return stroke 415 No. Theoretical force at 6 bar, in thrust 483 No. Moving mass for 0 mm stroke 121 g Additional mass for every 10 mm of corsac 9 g Basic weight for 0 mm stroke 370.5 g Additional weight for 10mm of stroke 15.5 g Mounting type With accessories Pneumatic connection G1 / 8 Note on materials Complies with EU directive 2002/95 (RoHS) Cover material Wrought aluminum alloy Seals material NBR TPE-U (PU) Stem material High alloy stainless steel Cylinder tube material High alloy stainless steel


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