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LRD8200 – Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic label sensor for all labels including clear. For the ultimate in ease of use, this sensor features pushbutton adjustments and a clear, easy to understand display. Operators can tell from a distance if the sensor is set and operating correctly. If adjustment is required, it is easily accomplished with a few button presses. Ultrasonic technology is slower than capacitive sensors, so for the ultimate in registration accuracy, use a capacitive sensor (LRD2100, LRD6300). For more information on comparing technologies see our test results.
“Teachable” sensors often leave you without any control; if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing you can do. This clear label sensor features simple adjustments and indicators that keep you in control. The Triple-Check bar-graph shows you what’s happening with the label and enables you to pick the best setup.
Key Benefits
Great for clear and paper labels
Easy, One-Click Setup
Light-Touch Push-Button Adjustments – no adjustment screwdrivers, tested to over 1,000,000 operations
At a Glance “Triple-Check Verification” – Green LED that can be seen from a distance and adjusted
Ultra-wide fork (3mm)
Easy Mode Switching – Light/Dark indicators for different operation modes
30-Day Guarantee. If the sensor doesn’t work better than what you have, you can return it.
The only label sensors with a two-year warranty
Typically Same Day Shipment
Short-Circuit and Overload Protection
Avoid costly “eye-marks” on label webs which are required for optical sensors. Clear label sensors pay for themselves quickly when you stop ordering eye-marks on your labels
Mounting adapter to fit other LRD model sensors’ mounting holes
Extended base plate (2″, 50.4 mm) to support wide webs
Technology: Ultrasonic
Response Time: 425 µs
Accuracy: 60 m/min: 0.30 mm (0.012″) | 250 m/min: 1.25 mm (0.050″)
Switching Frequency: > 1 kHz
Operating Temp: 40°F-140°F | 4°C-60°C
Outputs: NPN, PNP Open collector
Environmental Rating: IP54
Power In: +12-24 VDC
Fork Width: 3 mm / 0.12″
Bar Graph Display: Yes

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