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SYSMAC Option Memory Card
Flash memory, 128MB
Large-capacity Memory Card (128 MB) That’s RoHS Compliant!
• Memory Cards serve as external memory to
store user programs, PLC Setups, I/O Tables,
and other data for CS/CJ-series PLCs or NSJ
• Save or read I/O memory data, user programs, and PLC Setup data as files.
• Use ROM operation from a Memory Card when at PLC startup.
• Log a specified range of I/O memory data in CSV or TXT format using instructions in the user program or Smart FBs (function blocks).
• Edit CSV/TXT data logged on a Memory Card on a personal computer using a Memory Card Adaptor.
• Use instructions in the user program or Smart FBs to rename, create, or delete directories or files in the Memory Card, to format files, or to
perform other operations.
• Back up all CPU Unit data and all data from mounted Special I/O Units and CPU Bus Units on a Memory Card without a Programming Device.
International Standards
• The standards are abbreviated as follows: U: UL, U1: UL (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), C: CSA, UC: cULus, UC1:
cULus (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), CU: cUL, N: NK, L: Lloyd, and CE: EC Directives
• Contact your OMRON representative for further details and applicable conditions for these standards.
Note: 1. The Memory Cards cannot be used with CS1G-CPU@@H, CS1H-CPU@@H, CJ1G-CPU@@H, or CJ1H-CPU@@H CPU Units
manufactured before January 9, 2002 (lot number 020108 or earlier) or NS7-series PTs manufactured before May 8, 2002 (lot number
0852 or earlier). Confirm applicability when ordering.
2. The HMC-EF183 Memory Card cannot be used with the CS1G-CPU@@(-V1) or CS1H-CPU@@(-V1) CPU Units. Confirm applicability
when ordering.
Memory capacity 128 MB
Dimensions 42.8×36.4×3.3 mm (W × H × T)
Weight 15 g max.
Current consumption Approx. 30 mA (when used with PLC)
Application/storage environment Same a general specifications of PLC
No. of writes 100,000 (guaranteed value)
No. of files writable to root directory 511
File system FAT16
1. Program files
2. Parameter files
3. Data files
4. Conversion table files
5. Comment files
6. Program index files
7. Unit/Board backup files

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