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S82S-7705 – OMRON

Serie S82S c.c./c.c. switching da 7,5 W
S82S 7705 Miniature Power Supply
The S82S Switch mode miniature DIN Rail mounted DC to DC power supply. The S82S has a power rating of 7.5 W and an output voltage of 5 V plus an input voltage of 12 to 24 Vdc. The miniature power supply provide you with ± 12 V and ± 15 V outputs and being only 65 mm deep allows you to mount onto control panels that are 100 mm deep. Overload protection is built into the power supply preventing overcurrent damage and also radiates natural airflow heat.
Features and Benefits.
• Series S82S
• Miniature power supply DC to DC
• Depth 65 mm
• Weight 150 g
• Switch mode
• DIN Rail mounted and direct panel
• Natural air cooling
• Power rating 7.5 W
• Output voltage 5 V
• Output current 1.5 A
• Efficiency 60% to 73%
• Output voltage indication and adjustment
• Overload protection
• Single and dual output
• Green output indicators
• Storage temperature -25°C to 65°C
• RoHS compliant
What is a DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply?
A DIN Rail is a standard type of rail that is used to mount the power supply into racks. DIN Rails are a support for equipment. DIN Rails are normally made from aluminium but if there is a chance that the power supply suffers any shock or vibration, use a steel DIN Rail.
What is A Switch Mode Power Supply?
Switch mode power supplies are a general purpose power supply include a switching regulator converting AC mains power to a lower voltage DC. A Switch mode power supply is efficient limiting any wasted energy.
When not using an aluminium DIN rail to mount the power supply use a mounting bracket. Mount the power supply ensuring air flow around the power supply. If you mount multiple power supplied side by side allow a minimum of 10 mm space between them. If you mount multiple power supplies we suggest forced air cooling.
Do not apply more than a 75 N (Newton) force when tightening the power supply.
• Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz
• Shock resistance 294 m/s²
UL, CSA, RoHS Compliant
Attribute Value
Output voltage 5V cc
Output current 1.5A
Nominal power 7.5W
Number of outputs 1
Guy Switching
Length 37.5mm
Type of assembly DIN rail mounting
Series S82S
Depth 75mm
Noise and ripple ±2%
Efficiency 60 → 73%
Minimum temperature -10°C
Maximum temperature +60°C
Load regulation ±1.5%


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