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1014530 – PHOENIX

Connectors – PRC 5-FC-MS6 8-21
1014530 PHOENIX
Connector for installation, Product series: PRC 35, Connectors, type: Unlocking with a tool or by hand (see Accessories), housing material: PPE, color: black, number of positions: 5, minimum conductor cross section: 1.5 mm 2 , conductor cross section max .: 6 mm 2 , rated voltage: 690 V AC, rated current: 35 A, Connection type: Screw connection, Contact type: Male, min.cable diameter: 8 mm, cable diameter max .: 21 mm. Guaranteed safety protection
Note for operation Guaranteed safety protection
Note for use Installation notes are described in the installation instructions
Safety warning
Safety information • WARNING: Only use products that are in perfect condition. Check the products regularly for damage. Take defective products out of service immediately. Replace the damaged products. The item cannot be repaired.
• WARNING: Only have this product installed and operated by qualified electrical engineers in accordance with the safety instructions below. Specialized personnel must be familiar with the basic notions of electrical engineering and must be able to recognize and avoid dangers. The corresponding symbol on the packaging indicates that the intervention of qualified personnel in the electrotechnical field is required.
WARNING: The connectors must not be connected or disconnected under load. Non-compliance and non-compliant use may result in damage to people and / or property.
• Packaged products must not be handled or opened incorrectly.
• Use only male connectors specified in the standards indicated in the technical data, (eg those listed in the product accessories at the website phoenixcontact.com/products).
• In case of direct use of the product in conjunction with third party products, the responsibility lies entirely with the user.
• For operating voltages> 50 VAC the conductive connector housings must be grounded
• Make sure the protective or operational ground is inserted correctly.
• VDE 0100 / 1.97 § 411.1.3.2 and DIN EN 60 204 / 11.98 § 14.1.3 apply to group several electrical circuits in a cable and / or connector.
• Observe the respective technical data. The indications are given in the following points:
o On the product
o On the packaging label
o In the documentation provided
o Im Web phoenixcontact.com/products under the product entry
• Use only the tool recommended by Phoenix Contact
• Observe the installation instructions / Design In documents for the product in the download area on the web at phoenixcontact.com/products.
• Do not close unconnected connectors with a safety cap. Suitable accessories for the product are listed in the accessories area of the network item under phoenixcontact.com/products
• Use the connector only in the fully engaged state.
• Use the connector only in the fully engaged and locked state.
• Make sure that, when laying the cable, the tensile load does not exceed the limits established by the regulations.
• Observe the minimum bending radius of the cable. Lay the cable without twisting it.
• The connector heats up during normal operation. Depending on the environmental conditions, the surface of the connector can experience continuous heating. In this case, the user is responsible for applying the safety information (eg DIN EN ISO 13732-1: 2008-12).
Guy Unlocking with a tool or by hand (see Accessories)
Product type Connector for installation
No. poles 5
Placement plan 4 + PE
Lock type Snap fastening
Insertion force 50 N ± 10 N (Test specification: IEC 60512-13-2)
Features of insulation
Protection class II
Degree of pollution 2
Rated voltage (III / 2) 690 V
ATD rated voltage 690 V AC (III / 2) in accordance with IEC 61984
500 V AC (III / 2) in accordance with IEC 61535/2 PfG 1915
600 V AC / DC (III / 2) according to UL 2238
500 V DC (III / 2) in accordance with IEC 61535
Sizing impulse voltage (III / 2) 8 kV
Sizing current 35 A (with conductor cross section of 6 mm² according to IEC 61984)
32 A (with conductor cross section of 6 mm² according to IEC 61535)
21.4 A (with conductor cross section of 6 mm² and 85 ° C according to 2 PfG 1915)
28 A (with AWG 10, according to UL 2237)
Length 37.6 mm
Height 37.6 mm
Length 105 mm
External Mesure
Outer diameter 8 mm … 21 mm
Color black
Case color black
Material EPDM (Cable gasket)
EPDM (Housing gasket)
EPP (Custody)
PPE (Contact carrier)
PPE (Cable glands)
CuZn (Contact material, Pb <0.1) Combustion class according to UL 94 V0 Insulating material group I / CTI 600 Gasket material EPDM Cable seal material EPDM Contact material Cu alloy Contact surface material silvered Contact insert material EPP O-ring material EPDM Screw material EPP Case material EPP Maneuver cycles 2000 (Test specification: IEC 60512-13-2) Cable structure Conductor outer diameter 8 mm ... 21 mm (Warnings on cable clamping areas, see installation instructions) 8 mm ... 21 mm Single conductor, cross section 1.5 mm² 6 mm² 14 AWG 10 AWG Length of the section to be stripped of the single wires Advance laying of the 8 mm PE conductor Environmental conditions Absence of halogens Yes Mechanical data Insertion force 50 N ± 10 N (Test specification: IEC 60512-13-2) Environmental conditions Degree of protection (connected) IP66 / IP68 (2m / 24h) / IP69K Degree of protection IP66 / IP68 (2m / 24h) / IP69K Degree of protection IP66 / IP68 (2m / 24h) / IP69K Ambient temperature (operation) -40 ° C ... 105 ° C (take derating into account) Ambient temperature (storage / transport) -40 ° C ... 70 ° C Ambient temperature (mounting) -5 ° C ... 85 ° C


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