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570500 – PILZ

PSEN sl-0.5p 1.1 / PSEN sl-0.5 1unit
Article number: 570500
Magnetic safety gate system for applications up to SIL3/PL ”e”/Cat4. Magnetic holding force 500N (process protection). Coding: coded, male connector M12, 8-pin, 4 LEDs, IP67, Package content = sensor with standard actuator
General data
Approval CE
cULus Listed
EAC (Eurasian)
Sensor principle Transponder
Lv. coding sec. ISO 14119 small amount
classification dry EN 60947-5-3 PDDB
Transponder coding coded
Suitable series connection and
device version Unit
Technical data
Electrical data
Supply voltage (V) 24 V
Type of supply voltage U1 DC
DC absorbed power 4.8
Number of entrances 3
DC voltage at the input 24 V DC
Semiconductor outputs
Number of OSSD outputs 2
Number of signal outputs 1
DC protection SC output and
Cat. use acc. EN 60947-1 DC-12
Environmental data
Room temperature standard IN 60068-2-14
Room temperature -25 – 55 °C
temp. standard warehousing EN 60068-2-1/-2
Exposure humidity sec. norm IN 60068-2-78
Humidity indication 93 % UR a 40 °C
EMC sec. norma …. EN 55011: class A
EN 60947-5-3
EN 62061
Vibrations sec. Norm … IN 60947-5-2
Acceler. shock sec. Norma 1 30g
Acc. shock sec. Norma 2 10g
Overvoltage category III
Degree of contamination 3
Degree of protection custody IP67
Mechanical data
Magnet holding force ON 500
Max Height Offset 5 mm
max. angular offset 2.5 deg
Type 1 actuator PSEN sl-0.5 1.1
Flush mountable sensor Yes, note the installation instructions
Connection type M12, 8pol. male
Cable ducts LiYY 8 x 0,25 mm2
Mater. case Super part. PBT
Mater. anchor plate steel nickel-plated
Mater. bottom plate Anticorodal, hard anodized
Actuator material Anticorodal, hard anodized
Height 122
Length 45
Depth 44
Net weight 950
Gross weight 990
Operating frequency 122 kHz – 128 kH

From: 400,00  IVA esc.


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