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751500 – PILZ

PNOZ s50 C
Article number: 751500
Brake command and monitoring device PNOZsigma, safe braking according to PL “e” and SIL 3, UB = 24 V DC, 2x 5 A, display operation “push & turn”, “plug-in” spring-loaded terminals, safe control of loads inductive (e.g. valves, mechanical holding brakes).
General data
Approval CE
cULus Listed
EAC (Eurasian)

Technical data
Electrical data
Purpose of U1 Versorgung des Systems
Supply voltage (V) 24th
Type of supply voltage U1 A.D
DC absorbed power 18
magneto switch available voltage U1 4 A, Autom 24 V DC, Char.B/C
Electrical insulation U1 nein
Purpose of U2 Versorgung 2pol. HL-Ausgänge
Supply voltage 2(V) 24
Type of supply voltage U2 A.D
Tolerance of U2 -10%/+20%
Electrical insulation U2 ja
Number of entrances 8
No. Fail-safe inputs 4
No. of standard entrances 4
insulation electric input nein
Semiconductor outputs
No semiconductor outputs 0
Out. semicond. 1 short pr. pole JA
electrical insulation out. sc nein
Loads allowed for 1 pole output ohmsch
Semiconductor outputs 2 poles
No. outputs per semic. 2-pole 2
Voltage tolerance Reduced operating voltage -10%/+10%
Out. semicond. 2 poles pr. short JA
Voltage outputs
Voltage on voltage output feed 24V DC
Short prot./C Supply Voltage Out JA
Isol. electr. voltage output nein
Test clock outputs
No. of control trigger outputs 2
Environmental data
Climate stress according to… EN 60068-2-2
EN 60068-2-1
EN 60068-2-78
EN 60068-2-14
Room temperature 0 – 55°C
Humidity indication 93% RH at 40°C
Condensation allowed not allowed
Height of exercise admitted above sea level 2000 m
EMC acc. norm …. EN 61000-4-8
EN 61000-4-4
EN 61000-4-5
EN 61326-3-1
EN 61000-4-6 EN 61000-4-2
Vibrations sec. Norm … EN 60068-2-6
Distances in air and surface sec. EN 60664-1
Overvoltage category III
Engine compartment degree of protection IP54
Degree of protection custody IP20
Terminal protection type IP20
Ventilation time 30ms … 4000ms
On time deactivated quick 30ms … 4000ms
On time deactivated slow 30ms … 4000ms
Overexcitation time config. 100ms … 2500ms
Potential separation
Electrical insulation 1 between Out. SC 2 poles and voltage system
Electrical insulation type 1 Basisisolierung
Mechanical data
Mounting location wager. auf Hutschiene
Housing material lower part pc
Mater. front plate case. pc
Mater. case Super part. pc
Connection terminal Federkraftklemme
Clamp type stickbar
Height 100mm
Length 45mm
Depth 120mm
Net weight 257 g
Gross weight 276 g

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