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Format: 1″

Focal Length: 16mm

Aperture: F1.8

Iris Type: Manual Iris

Mount: C-Mount

Additional Information
Broadband Coated (400-1000nm)

These larger format lenses have been constructed with a compact robust barrel. Focusing is achieved by rotating the main lens barrel via a fine internal thread. The focus and iris settings are both lockable.

The Cinegon 1.8/16mm Compact C-Mount Lens covers a large 1” format sensor with a 16mm image circle. It is visible corrected and broadband coated from 400-1000nm (Visible through Near IR spectrum). The Compact Series offers outstanding optical performance and a solid mechanical design that is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Key features:

Robust metal body
Precise focusing via fine internal thread
Unique, robust focus lock
Click-stop free iris setting / Iris lock
Integrated front thread to accept M30.5×0.5 filters

From: 1.235,00  IVA esc.


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