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5308074 – SICK

LL3 optical fibers
Item code:
Device type Optical fibers
Principle of operation detection system
For fiber optic sensor GLL170(T), WLL180T, WLL24 Ex, KTL180, WLL80
Fiber optic length 2,000 mm
Material, fibers Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA)
Material, sheath Polyethylene (PE)
Material, fiber optic head Stainless steel
Outer diameter, fiber optic cable connection 2.2mm
Optical conductor can be shortened ✔
Thread Diameter (Housing) M6
Fiber head shape Threaded bush
Fiber arrangement Coaxial arrangement
core structure S: Ø 1 mm, R: 16 x Ø 0.25 mm 1) Coaxial arrangement
Light beam < 60° No Compatibility with infrared light (1,450 nm) No Thread diameter / size from taper 2mm ≥2.8mm Taper length ≥5mm Very flexible/elastic fibers (radius of curvature 1-4 mm) No Adapter end bushings required No Radiation angle 60° Integrated lens No Minimum object diameter 0.015mm2 ) In the scope of delivery Fixing, 2 x M6 hexagon nut, 2 x spacer washer, FC light guide cutter (5304141) Accessory lens compatibility No Particular characteristics Coaxial mounting for exact switching. Standard, large switching distance 1) C = coaxial, E = Emitter, R = Receiver. 2) MDO was detected with optimal measurement distance and setting. Mechanical and electrical characteristics Bend radius, optical fiber 25mm Operating ambient temperature –40 °C ... +70 °C Classifications eCl@ss 5.0 27270905 eCl@ss 5.1.4 27270905 eCl@ss 6.0 27270905 eCl@ss 6.2 27270905 eCl@ss 7.0 27270905 eCl@ss 8.0 27270905 eCl@ss 8.1 27270905 eCl@ss 9.0 27270905 eCl@ss 10.0 27270905 eCl@ss 11.0 27270905 eCl@ss 12.0 27270905 ETIM 5.0 EC002651 ETIM 6.0 EC002651 ETIM 7.0 EC002651 ETIM 8.0 EC002651 UNSPSC 16.0901 39121528 Working distances with WLL80 Operating mode 16 µs 120mm Operating mode 70 µs 300mm Operating mode 250 µs 500mm Operating mode 500 µs 600mm Operating mode 1 ms 700mm Operating mode 2 ms 800mm Operating mode 8 ms 1,250mm Working distances with WLL180T Operating mode 16 µs 90mm Operating mode 70 µs 280mm Operating mode 250 µs 500mm Operating mode 2 ms 900mm Operating mode 8 ms 1,350mm Indication Working distances related to optical fiber amplifiers with light type: visible red light Working distances with GLL170 Operating mode 250 µs 160mm Working distances with GLL170T Operating mode 50 µs 150mm Operating mode 250 µs 290mm Working distances with KTL180 Operating mode 16 µs 2mm Operating mode 200 µs 2mm


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