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3RV1021-4DA10 – SIEMENS

circuit breaker size S0 for class 10 motor protection A-release 20…25 A N-release 325 A screw terminal standard switching capacity !!! Discontinued product !!! Successor is SIRIUS 3RV2 Recommended successor is >>3RV2021-4DA10<< Delivery information Control provisions Exports ECCN : N / AL : N Minimum production time 2 Day / Days Net weight 0.372 Kg Packaging dimensions 49.00 x 102.00 x 102.00 Package size unit of measure MM Pack quantity 1 Additional product information EAN 4011209281233 UPC 754554409313 Customs Code 85362090 LKZ_FDB/ CatalogID CC-IC10 Product group 3716 Group Code R711 country of origin Germany RoHS compliant. RoHS compliant since: 01.05.12 Product class C: Products made to order. They cannot be reused nor can they be returned.

From: 175,00  IVA esc.


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