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6ES7132-6BH01-0BA0 – SIEMENS

SIMATIC ET 200SP, digital output module, DQ 16x 24V DC / 0.5A standard, source output (PNP, switching to P) Packaging unit: 1 piece suitable for BU type A0, color code CC00, substitute value output, module diagnostics for: Short circuit to L + and M, wire break, power supply voltage
roduct Family Digital output modules
Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM300:Active Product
Additional product information
EAN 4047623408574
UPC 804766529047
Customs Code 85389091
LKZ_FDB/ CatalogID ST76
Product group 4520
Group Code R151
country of origin Germany
Compliant with RoHS directive. RoHS compliant from: 15.09.17
Product class A: without problems. Reusable soon
Obligation category to collect electrical and electronic equipment after use –
REACH Art. 33 Duty to inform according to the current list of candidates
Lead CAS-Nr. 7439-92-1 > 0, 1 % (w / w)
eClass 12 27-24-26-04
eClass 6 27-24-26-04
eClass 7.1 27-24-26-04
eClass 8 27-24-26-04
eClass 9 27-24-26-04
eClass 9.1 27-24-26-04
ETIM 7 EC001599
ETIM 8 EC001599
IDEA 4 3566
UNSPSC 15 32-15-17-05

From: 135,00  IVA esc.


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