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3421000000 – WEIDMULLER

General ordering data
Version Klippon K (empty aluminum case), Empty case, Aluminum case, Vertical position: 70 mm, Width: 100 mm, Depth: 45 mm, Material: AlSi12 aluminum, untreated, silver
Cat.No. 0342100000
GTIN (EAN) 4008190104641
Price for 1 piece
Dimensions and weights
Depth 45mm
Depth (inch) 1.772inch
Upright position 70mm
Height (inch) 2.756inch
Length 100mm
Width (inches) 3.937inch
Fixing height 42mm
Fixing width 88mm
Net weight 310.2g
Operating temperature -40°C…80°C
Operating temperature, min. -40°C
Operating temperature, max. 80°C
Product environmental compliance
REACH SVHC Lead 7439-92-1
SCIP 9e4cab4e-239c-4e14-b9df-a0fee300d28a
PE70 General data
Lid attachment M4 torx stainless steel screws with slot
Access opening height 63mm
Fields of application Industrial process, Transport system, Shipbuilding, Packaging industry, Port facilities, Mechanical sector
max load 0.7kg
Cover Yes
Tightening torque of the cover screws 2.5Nm
Fixing of components M4 threaded holes
Case fixing holes 4mm
Degree of protection IP66, IP67, IP68
Degree of protection (UL) Type 4, Type 4X
Access opening width 93mm
Material aluminum AlSi12
Gasket material Chloroprene
Norms EN 45545-2:2013
Note: degree of protection IP68 (t=72h, h=1m)
Number of screws on the cover 4
Flange plate No
Impact resistance 10J standard version
Lid material thickness 3mm
Case material thickness 3.5mm
Surface Untreated
Operating temperature, max. 80°C
Operating temperature, min. -40°C
suitable for unequipped driving 1910010000
Screw connections
M12 1
M16 1


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